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Small, consumable items such as buttons, needles, or elastic, but not including fabrics, machines, or appliances.

Notions are sewing accessories and supplies, those small items that you use to construct or finish a garment or project. Often, they are considered consumables; that is, you use them once and then must replace them in your inventory of supplies.

Buttons, thread and zippers are examples of notions. Trims are classified with notions as well, as are bias tape, elastic, eyelets, and piping.

Other items that fit into the category of notions include:

  • fusible tape
  • bindings
  • hook & loop tape
  • hem lace
  • collar stays
  • grommets
  • rickrack
  • twill tape

Some definitions of notions also include small tools such as point turners, seam rippers, and bodkins. In many fabric stores, the notions wall or section displays these and other reusable items; however, these are durable and long lasting and can be classified as tools.

Notions is an American term; the British term is haberdashery.

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