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Silk Gazar


Crisp, medium-weight silk fabric tightly woven with highly twisted yarns.

Gazar is a medium weight silk with an elegant appearance and a crisp hand. Light and sheer, it has a smooth surface texture. It resembles organza.

Developed in the late 1800's in Switzerland, gazar became popular because of its ability to hold a shape in structured and fantasy garments. Among the designers who used silk gazar was Cristóbal Balenciaga, whose sculptural designs used the properties of gazar to create shape and volume in garments.

Use for dresses, crisp blouses, loosely fitted coats. Gazar may also serve as interfacing.

Tips & Tricks

Use a new, sharp needle such as a Microtex 70.

Use taut sewing and a walking foot to prevent seams from puckering.

Fine threads such as silk or machine embroidery work well with this fabric.

Tie off seams rather than backtacking for a cleaner, less bulky finish.

Since gazar softens with washing, prewash only if you want some drape in your garment. Otherwise, dry-clean.

Lay out and cut using "with nap" guidelines, because fabric reads differently as it reflects light.

French seams are an excellent technique for gazar.

Use a press cloth or a dry iron when pressing or ironing gazar. Water spots will mar the appearance of unwashed gazar.

A straight-stitch foot and soleplate will help in the sewing of clean, non-puckered seams.

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