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A soft, sheer fabric in silk or synthetic with a pebbled matte surface, similar to chiffon.

Sometimes called "crepe georgette," this fabric is sheer and lightweight and has a slightly pebbled, matte surface created by the crepe yarns used in weaving it. Georgette is woven with alternating right-hand and left-hand twist yarns in both the warp and filling, making it a full crepe.

While georgette resembles chiffon, it is crepier and less lustrous. It is also less sheer than chiffon. The hand of georgette is crisper than that of chiffon. It doesn't crease easily, making it suitable for clothes that will be packed for travel.

Georgette is made primarily in silk or polyester, with silk being drapier than polyester. It is a durable fabric, but it frays easily.

Georgette is available in piece-dyed solid colors and in prints.

Prewash georgette to remove sizing; hand-washing is recommended. Dry the fabric by laying it flat and allowing it to air dry.

Use georgette for blouses, scarves, dresses and skirts.

Tips & Tricks

Use a straight-stitch needle and throat plate to prevent fabric from being pulled into the needle opening.

Use 2-ply lightweight embroidery thread for seams in georgette.

Use a size 60/8 Microtex needle for best results.

French seams are recommended, as they are secure and protect the cut edges of the fabric.

Avoid backtacking seams in georgette; instead pull the top thread through and tie off.

For understitching, hand stitch using a pickstitch through the facing and seam allowances.

If you must topstitch, do so by hand, using a running stitch or a prickstitch.

A hand-rolled hem adds an elegant finish to a silk georgette garment.

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